Stories from the neighborhood

Before it became an AI factory, Hoodline was hyperlocal journalism at its best, supporting a scrappy, hard-working team of journalists reporting on the places they knew best.

As a freelance reporter for Hoodline, I started out covering the Richmond District (my neighborhood of 5 years) before moving to Bernal Heights. I have fond memories of racing down the avenues to break a story, notebook and starter DSLR in hand, before hopping on the bus and heading to my day job.

Throughout my time at Hoodline, I was lucky to work under the expert guidance of several amazing editors, who nudged me out of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence to pitch and publish several city-wide pieces. I'm extremely proud of the 80+ pieces I wrote and photographed for Hoodline, covering everything in between the windmills of Golden Gate Park and the bay waters of the Dogpatch.

I've linked to some of my favorites below, in two forms: one an ad-free screen capture taken in 2020, and the other a direct link to the live page.

The Hardest Easy Solution to SF's Small Business Crisis - ad-free, live page

'Artists-in-place': Bernal Heights Neighbors Transform Homes Into Outdoor Gallery Walk - ad-freelive page

On 7th Anniversary of Executive Order 9066, Japantown Community Tells Stories of Internment - ad-free, live page

'San Francisco Neon' Tours Celebrate Luminous Signs Past & Present - ad-free, live page

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