Palolo → Exhale rebrand ✨

Tools: Notion, Figma, Webflow, Sendgrid

I love how quickly things can move at a startup. Product name not resonating with customers? Change it!

...ok, it was a little more nuanced than that, but basically we had an opportunity to try a sweeping rebrand, and took it. As the person leading our product, content, and marketing efforts, I stepped up to manage the project from start to finish.

Donning my leadership hat, I defined deliverables and allocated tasks across sales, engineering, and customer support. I partnered with our client-facing team to develop a comprehensive communications plan, crafting a blog post, an announcement email, and in-app messaging. I also worked closely with the engineering team to coordinate the go-live plan, from conducting QA testing for SMS short links to updating DNS records in Cloudflare.

One of the results I'm most proud of is the redesigned marketing website, a project I owned and completed independently. Seeing the new name come to life was incredibly rewarding and one of my favorite projects to date.

View the Exhale marketing website